KYW FF&E Move Management consulting services include successful law enforcement, medical examiner with chain of custody protocols, and acute care hospital & trauma center integrated construction building projects.

KYW Team key project specialist backgrounds are in architecture, interior design, asset management, data management, facilities management, procurement management, and move management. With KYW project sizes ranging from smaller tenant improvement spaces to larger new construction building complex areas of just under 1M square feet, KYW Team’s expertise and experience extend to all major project delivery methods: Construction Management at Risk (CMR) (CM/GC); Design-Bid-Build (DBB) (Traditional Project Delivery); Bridging Design (BD); Design-Build (DB); Multi-Prime (MP); and Tenant Improvement (TI).


KYW FF&E Move Management Services

Government / Aviation / Transportation / Hospitals / Laboratory / Healthcare / Judicial / Law Enforcement

  • Setup of Roles, Responsibilities and Reporting Structures
  • Setup of Workgroup Meeting, Move Schedules, and Move Protocols
  • Setup of Move Security including Chain of Custody Protocols
  • Preparation of Move Status Reports tracking Progress and Issues
  • Preparation of Master Move / Occupancy Milestone Schedule
  • Preparation of the Move Program Label System
  • Preparation of Move ID Tag Labels including Bar Code and RFID
  • Preparation of Move SQL Database Tracking Program and Detailed Reports
  • Coordination of Destination required Architecture, Structural, and MEP
  • Coordination of Comprehensive Checklist of Regulatory Compliance Requirements
  • Preparation of Materials and Tools for Staff Orientation for FF&E Move
  • Coordination of Training Program Materials to new Equipment Operation Protocols
  • Assist in bid / quote solicitations for Project Move Contactor
  • Coordinate with Move Contractor Pre-Move Site Walk Tours & Move Sequences
  • Provide Site Resolutions and Equipment Decommissioning Protocols
  • Provide Post Move Punch List and Move Item Time / Date Tracking Reports
  • Provide Post Move / Occupancy Evaluation of Relocations & Lessons Learned
  • Provide Move Management Close-Out Documentation to Owner
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