FF&E Asset Management

KYW FF&E Asset Management consultant services is a top down / bottom up multi-disciplined activity to capture, document, specify, life-cycle, space plan, and cost-out FF&E that can result in a detailed and ongoing management of an organization’s existing inventory and new procurements of moveable furniture, fixture, and equipment assets for specific projects or for the life of the organization.

FF&E Move Management

KYW Move Management consultant services embrace the act of planning, coordinating and overseeing the activities involved to relocate from simple, single-person moves to multi-phased moves integrated with construction, KYW streamlines the move / add / change process employing SQL databases, bar codes, RFID tracking devices, and chain-of-custody security protocols to ensure successful relocations with minimum organizational disruption.

Kai-Yee Woo & Associates project manage the LEED FF&E data collection and analysis process for its contribution to the overall project LEED goals.

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