KYW FF&E Asset Management Services

KYW FF&E Asset Management consulting services include successful LEED Platinum, Gold, and Silver certified building projects.

KYW Team key project specialist backgrounds are in architecture, interior design, asset management, data management, facilities management, procurement management, and move management. With KYW project sizes ranging from smaller tenant improvement spaces to larger new construction building complex areas of just under 1M square feet, KYW Team’s expertise and experience extend to all major project delivery methods: Construction Management at Risk (CMR) (CM/GC); Design-Bid-Build (DBB) (Traditional Project Delivery); Bridging Design (BD); Design-Build (DB); Multi-Prime (MP); and Tenant Improvement (TI)


KYW FF&E Asset Management Services

Government / Aviation / Transportation / Hospitals / Laboratory / Healthcare / Judicial / Law Enforcement

  • Project FF&E Programming and Narrative Reports
  • Existing FF&E Inventory Audit Surveys, Conditions, Quantities, Locations
  • Existing FF&E Inventory Bar Code and RFID Label Management & Tracking
  • Specialized FF&E Inventory and Chain-Of-Custody Tracking including Medical Examiner, Forensics, and CSI Laboratory Facilities
  • Systems Furniture Typical Workstation Standards Development & Planning
  • Systems & Ancillary & Equipment Detailed Layout Plans Revit 2D / 3D
  • Systems & Ancillary & Equipment Selections / Recommendations Stakeholder Reviews
  • Systems & Ancillary & Equipment Detailed Image & Text Procurement Specifications
  • Systems & Ancillary & Equipment Procurement Required Documentation Development
  • Systems & Ancillary & Equipment Detailed Technical Coordination
  • Technical Coordination for FF&E High and Low Voltages, Structural, and MEP
  • Probable Cost Reports at FF&E Programming, Design, and Procurement Phases
  • Probable Cost Reports SQL Database Generated by Buildings by Floors by Rooms
  • Probable Cost by Project SQL Generated by Departments by Locations by Standards
  • Procurement Assistance, Bid/Quote Submittal Reviews, Evaluations and Coordination
  • Vendor Coordination at Post Award Submittals, Fabrication, Delivery & Installation
  • Vendor Coordination at Post Installation Reviews & Punch List & Close-Outs
  • Post Occupancy Documentation, Reviews and Change Order Management

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